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Welcome to the Division of Physical Therapy site — where entry-level and transitional DPT┬ástudents share their capstone projects!!!

Projects are searchable by student name or text (“Search by Name or Keywords” at left). Projects are also categorized by year, student group and project themes. Use the filters on the left to view projects related to specific themes, years or student groups..

Students posting projects will need to access the site via Onyen login using address or the ‘Manage Website’ link at the bottom of this page. Follow the instructions listed under How to Post Projects to share information about your project.

Individuals who are visiting the site to view projects and offer feedback, welcome! Instructions on how to go about sharing your feedback are summarized in the blue bar above “About comments” – you will be required to share your name and email address prior to posting your comment.

Where did older projects go? To view projects posted in past years, search for them by student name or topic or use the filter options at the left. Projects are tagged by numerous indicators that should allow you to find projects.

If you search project categories, a number of projects will be displayed in random order. At the bottom of the page, you can click on a link to older projects.