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5 Responses to “Physical Therapy Management of Pediatric Patients Post-Concussion”

  1. Sage Stout

    Thank you all for your feedback. Kmac- I definitely hear what you’re saying, four readings may be excessive! Anthony, Hailey, and Natalie- thank you all for attending my presentation, it was so helpful to get feedback from present third years when crafting these materials.

  2. Natalie Stein

    Sage! I am so impressed by this project and the amount of work you put into it. I was lucky enough to attend the presentation you gave in April which was extremely informing. I am not interested in pediatrics, but found the presentation just as pertinent to the older patient populations that I am interested in working with. I also believe that this material will be very useful to the future PHYT 820 classes. We do not have much education on concussion throughout PT school, but it is a patient population we will undoubtedly work with. Your capstone project shed light on how to work with this population from start to finish. I am so glad you did your project on this and congrats on finishing!!

  3. Hailey Guerin

    Sage, I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of work you have put into your capstone project! The materials you’ve provided as well as your presentation that I attended are extremely helpful in addressing the management of a post-concussive patient, an area of interest that is gaining more attention in recent years. Given that my clinical population of interest is adults rather than pediatrics, I especially appreciated that you were able to make the material applicable for all age groups, albeit with a greater focus on the pediatric population, naturally. It will be interesting to see how the management of post-concussive patients will morph in years to come, again great job and I can’t wait to hear about your success as a future PT!

  4. Anthony Augliera

    Great job on this project! You provided such comprehensive information and I know other providers will appreciate how organized your voicethread is, as they can jump from topic to topic depending on their educational need. I had the privalege of attending your presentation on campus and thought you did an equally great job teaching this information to the first years who have not received their full neuro education.
    Prior to viewing your capstone, I had always thought the rule of thumb for pediatric management of concussion was rest for as long as needed. Therefore, I am glad you go into detail about activity tolerance and how research shows just 1-2 days of physical and cognitive rest is recommended. One thing that you stress is “symptom-limited activity” when returning to school/sports, which I think is important for all therapists to remember, regardless of the protocol they are familiar with. Finally, I was thrilled to see you mentioned education as an important intervention in the management of pediatric concussion. The side effects of concussion can be physically and emotionally draining, with variable symptoms. Therefore, children can feel like they have no control over the situation, and frightened by lingering symptoms. You’re exactly right that educating both patient and their parents can help them cope, as well as provide them comfort as they will have a better understanding of their injury and prognosis.
    Again, great job on your capstone, and congratulations to you for being one step closer to being a great PT!

  5. K-Mac

    Hi Sage, You’ve done a great job of pulling this information together on pediatric concussion. i think that the activities included in your sequence are good, but probably ALOT of reading for a single discussion board post – so as we think about implementation, we will need to focus things a bit. It will be great to have these materials to share with students, however, so that we can augment what is available for them to explore a bit further.
    Nice job!!!


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